Time of Changing Habits

I hear the voice of “Time to Change” in every our street and city.It is the voice of young to old, students to nation leaders include beggar.But on the other side, we are on the same as the past .We change nothing, our habits and our mind, our behaviors and our life style, nothing was changed.As the result, we are at the last and last .

Changing life style and habits is one of the difficult thing to do on the world.But if we have ambition to do, we could do it.I also noticed that although changing ourselves is difficult and that changing others mind and behaviors may be the most difficult thing in changing.On of the best way to put in mind is changing let us to separate from others and let us upgrade our property.We have to start from ourselves and then our relationship to our neighbor.In this journey, time is master as it need time for everything to grow, good or bad.


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